Welcome to CRCA Catalyst


Ever wondered what the CRCA actually does? CRCA Catalyst will help you see some of the valuable things the Lord is doing right here in the churches we know and love. A new beginning…

With the close of Trowel & Sword at the end of 2009, people have found it harder to stay abreast of what was happening. Churches grow, lives change, difficult things happen, new ministries and mission works are commenced, and there’s been no way to hear about it.

Until now.

CRCA Catalyst will keep you up to date with the latest developments in CRCA ministry and mission.

CRCA Catalyst will keep you up to date with the latest developments in CRCA ministry and mission

The reality is that there is an incredible amount of great ministry happening, and we need to know about it. As we hear about these great things, we’re hoping a couple of things will happen:

  • The first will be that we’ll be stimulated to prayer. You’ll be able to take what you read in CRCA Catalyst and use it to fuel your prayer life. You’ll be supporting church planters, pastors, and other ministry workers as they work to make churches more healthy. The information at your fingertips will help you praise God for all he’s doing. That has to be a good thing.
  • The second will be that you and your church will be moved to generously support what God is doing.

In reality, you’re already supporting great ministry through your church’s ministry share payments. Ministries like the Reformed Theological College, World Development & Relief, Church Planting, and youth work are already being blessed by you and your church through the contributions they make via ‘ministry share’.

CRCA Catalyst will show you how all that works together. Our prayer is that as we share these stories of God’s goodness, you will be moved to praise, you’ll will support these works generously, and your prayer life will be nurtured.

– Dave Groenenboom

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