How to Interact

This is how you can interact with CRCA Catalyst.

1. Comments are open. You can comment on the issue as a whole, or you can comment on each article as it is published. Anyone can make a comment, and anyone can comment on someone else’s comment (I know: this could get interesting).

In terms of editorial policy, the only time I will trash a comment is when it contains offensive material. Comments that make a good point in an ungracious manner will be either be edited or discarded. Persistent ungracious or abusive attempts will result in the user being permanently blocked. Hopefully this will never be needed, but it’s good to know the facility is there. We want Catalyst to be a wholesome stimulus for church health and growing disciples, and we are hoping you will share our vision.

2. Check out the FaceBook community. FaceBookers can ‘like’ articles, leave comments, and share posts. Make the most of these facilities, and build the discussion.

Screen Shot 2012 07 02 at 10 29 44 AM

3. Grab the Twitter feed @CRCACatalyst This is helpful for those who use Twitter. It also provides a great way for Twitter users to contribute and/or share Catalyst posts with others.


4. Subscribe by email. This way, you know when new articles are posted, and when new issues of Catalyst are released. You can sign up by clicking the “Follow Blog via Email” button in the lower right margin (you may have to scroll down a little to see this)

Screen Shot 2012 07 02 at 10 46 05 AM

5. Subscribe to Catalyst’s RSS feeds. You can do this by clicking on the Posts RSS icon (you will find these button in the top Right Hand corner of the blog window). This will update your RSS reader every time the blog is updated. Those who have an RSS Reader on their smartphone or tablet will also be able to follow the blog by adding feed:// to their reader. If you also want to subscribe to any comments that are made on the blog, add feed:// to your reader

Screen Shot 2012 07 02 at 10 05 24 AM


I encourage you to take the initiative and subscribe to Catalyst updates through one of the means above. It will give you the best opportunity to interact and stay up to date with what’s happening , and what others are thinking about it all.

For those who are new to the online world, things like FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs can all be a bit overwhelming. If all you want to do is find out when the issues and stay up to date with Catalyst info, I suggest you choose the “Subscribe via Email” option on the Catalyst Blog [see (a) above]. All you need to know is your email address, add it in, and everything else will be automatic.

If you have any questions, you can always email

– Dave Groenenboom

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