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Catalyst is Changing

You will have noticed it’s been almost a year since an issue of Catalyst has been released. The last year we have not had sufficient contributions to compile the newsletter. No doubt, it takes time to write, and we’re all busy. It could also be that the idea of a physical publication is not working for us. Maybe the 15 minute news cycle just does not work for a quarterly publication.

We have considered a few options. One was to make it more a curation site: where material gleaned from other sources is republished via Catalyst. But then we thought we all see so much stuff coming down the pipe, and who needs more of other people’s stuff? If you want that, you will already be receiving it, no doubt.

Another option was to move to a simpler blog format. This would mean the Catalyst material would not be compiled into a quarterly .pdf release, but each post would be published as soon as received. This would mean a more immediate circulation of single news items or articles. You would hear about thins more quickly and – contributors cooperating – more frequently. This is what we’ve decided to do.

The downside: it may be more difficult to print off articles for those who do not have computer access. It’s not impossible of course, but everyone’s system is different, and you will need to work out how, or whether, to do this locally.

The upside: You will receive posts more regularly and hopefully stay more informed. Also, you can simply copy the Catalyst link for helpful articles into your newsletter or enews locally.

For future contributors: keep an eye out for what’s happening in your local church. Are you trying a new resource for your home groups? Tried something new in evangelism? Are you doing the “Reading Your Bible Together”? How is that working? What can you share with others? Write it up. It doesn’t have to be long or involved, just let people know how it’s going. They will be encouraged by your words. Write it up, send it through, and we’ll get it out for everyone.

For Catalyst subscribers: you will get an email every time there’s something new published. We’ll also put an advice on Facebook, Twitter and email throughout the CRCA.

Remember, if you like what you read, or want to add some thoughts, the easiest way is simply to leave a comment under the relevant article.

Thanks for your time!

Dave Groenenboom

Catalyst March – Download Now

Catalyst March is ready for download!

Click here to get the latest issue.

This issue has some great input looking at aspects of pastoral care, church planting from the planting church’s point of view, with the other perspective coming from Pakenham Christian Community Church’s Sean de Kretser.

Crca catalyst march 2014 p1 lite

We also introduce the work on International Justice Mission, an inspirational evangelical mission doing a truly transformational work, soon launching their partner office in Australia.

My prayer is that the Lord will use this for your encouragement and to stimulate you to engage with his mission.

Finally, my apologies for the lateness of this issue. We encountered some technology woes at the end of last year when Apple radically changed their Pages software, dropping some 200 features, many of which were integral to Catalyst. Our work around involved accessing (with some difficulty) and installing the previous version of Pages. This put us so far behind at the end of the year we scrapped the November issue. Thankfully, we’re all back to together again. Once again, thanks for your patience.


How to stay up to date with Catalyst

I recently heard from someone who had visited a nearby CRCA church and had picked up a recent issue of Catalyst there. He wondered why he had not seen Catalyst at his own church, which also happened to be a CRCA congregation.

There may be a number of things happening here. Whatever the reason, here’s how we let people know about new issues and other Catalyst updates:

• An email is generated to all who have subscribed on the Catalyst blog.

• An email is sent through the CRCA email network (the ‘Bulletins’ list).

Catalyst’s Facebook page is updated

• A link is posted to Catalyst’s Twitter feed

This means several hundred people are contacted every time there’s a new issue or a blog update. Even so, some people still miss out. So, if you still don’t get Catalyst, what can you do?

1. You can subscribe to the blog. Just add your email address in the ‘Follow blog by email’ field in the lower right hand margin of the Catalyst website, and when the confirmation email comes through, click on the link, and you’re done. Easy.

2. Subscribe to Catalyst’s RSS feeds. You can do this by clicking on the Posts RSS icon (you will find these button in the top Right Hand corner of the blog window). This will update your RSS reader every time the blog is updated. Those who have an RSS Reader on their smartphone or tablet will also be able to follow the blog by adding feed://crcacatalyst.com/feed/ to their reader. If you also want to subscribe to any comments that are made on the blog, add feed://crcacatalyst.com/comments/feed/ to your reader

Screen Shot 2012 07 02 at 10 05 24 AM

3. Ask your Pastor or church admin person to circulate Catalyst around your congregation’s email network. We always let the CRCA ‘Bulletins’ list know when Catalyst has been updated, so if your church is part of the CRCA, your pastor and admin person will always receive this update. So, get on to them and ask them to circulate the emails when they come through

4. If you or your church family is not part of the CRCA, simply ask your Pastor or Admin person to subscribe to Catalyst’s blog, and then they can circulate the updates when they come through

5. If you or someone you know does not have email or access to a computer, you can just print off the hard copy once you have downloaded it. Catalyst is formatted for a standard A4 page, so it’s pretty easy to make this happen

6. If you are a Pastor or Church admin person, please do circulate Catalyst updates in your bulletins and enews networks. Let people know about the Catalyst web site: http://crcacatalyst.com

And if you have questions beyond these, please leave a comment or email.

Dave Groenenboom

MARCH Catalyst Out Now!


CATALYST March is out!

The next edition of CRCA Catalyst has been released and is ready for download here.

This new edition discusses the following

  • Three recently ordained CRCA Pastors share their varied paths toward ministry
  • We visit Narre Warren’s Transit Soup Kitchen, and observe how they are bringing Jesus to the least, the last, and the lost
  • We look at the RTC’s Fan The Flame conference, and see how it works to clarify people’s expectations about study for ministry and mission
  • Joe Vermeulen writes about Cyber Bullying, and what we can do about it

We encourage you to view and download the latest Catalyst, and share the link as widely as possible.

If you want to leave feedback, please make a comment on the blog.

Happy Reading!

Dave Groenenboom

Catalyst 2013 02  p1

Cyber Bullying – Bonus Article

This week, CRCA Catalyst presents Cyber Bullying – a special article prepared by Pastor Joe Vermeulen. Joe is Pastor at Grace CRC on Perth’s north side, and a member of the Committee for Social Responsibility in CRCA CLassis WA.

Bullying 1

Cyber Bullying is more common than we realise. Indeed, most catalyst readers will have observed some Cyber Bullying, even if only in a passive sense.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to transform our interactions on the internet, and have those interactions reflect and express the sort of world that God delights in. Our prayer is that this article will assist you on doing so.

This article was not included in the last issue of Catalyst – but it will be included in the next! We are releasing this to you now, trusting it will be an encouragement to you and those you love.

Dave Groenenboom

How to make Catalyst work

Wondering how to comment or interact with CRCA Catalyst?

I have already written something up on that a few months ago, and you can read about it here.

Keep in mind that as the weeks go by, I will post key articles as stand alone pieces, allowing for closer interaction and comment. You can use these re-posts to inform your prayer life and family or home group discussion.

Please make use of the comment facility: it is a terrific way to maintain conversation about the various topics and issues raised in each edition of Catalyst.

Further, there is some additional material on Cyber Bullying which has been prepared by Classis WA’s Committee for Social Responsibility. This very helpful article will be a great resource to hand out to people and to make available in your congregation. We’ll be posting that in the next few days.

Grace and peace,
Dave Groenenboom