MARCH Catalyst Out Now!


CATALYST March is out!

The next edition of CRCA Catalyst has been released and is ready for download here.

This new edition discusses the following

  • Three recently ordained CRCA Pastors share their varied paths toward ministry
  • We visit Narre Warren’s Transit Soup Kitchen, and observe how they are bringing Jesus to the least, the last, and the lost
  • We look at the RTC’s Fan The Flame conference, and see how it works to clarify people’s expectations about study for ministry and mission
  • Joe Vermeulen writes about Cyber Bullying, and what we can do about it

We encourage you to view and download the latest Catalyst, and share the link as widely as possible.

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Happy Reading!

Dave Groenenboom

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Cyber Bullying – Bonus Article

This week, CRCA Catalyst presents Cyber Bullying – a special article prepared by Pastor Joe Vermeulen. Joe is Pastor at Grace CRC on Perth’s north side, and a member of the Committee for Social Responsibility in CRCA CLassis WA.

Bullying 1

Cyber Bullying is more common than we realise. Indeed, most catalyst readers will have observed some Cyber Bullying, even if only in a passive sense.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to transform our interactions on the internet, and have those interactions reflect and express the sort of world that God delights in. Our prayer is that this article will assist you on doing so.

This article was not included in the last issue of Catalyst – but it will be included in the next! We are releasing this to you now, trusting it will be an encouragement to you and those you love.

Dave Groenenboom

Looking for Age Appropriate Ministry Ideas?

FaithMatrix Poster

Planning a ministry to a certain age group of youth or children?

With the development of the Discipleship Matrix, finding resources, ideas and tools for that ministry is a whole lot more accessible.

The matrix breaks down the many different age groups of youth and children and informs leaders on specific considerations for that age group. These considerations are based on developmental ages and stages. This is then mapped with ministry resources, links and curriculum ideas.

These resource ideas for ministry cover the head, heart and hands as the main elements of discipleship:

The Matrix also provides links to ideas and resources for the two environments that discipleship takes place, them being Family and Church. In each section you can get resources for empowering families in their ministry towards the specific age group and also for engagement and integration into wider church involvement.

The matrix will help ministry leaders plan programs that cover all three elements in either a youth or children’s ministry environments. These programs will be relevant to each respective ministry, thus providing a holistic discipleship approach. The obvious strength of the Matrix is that it brings many resources together in an easy searchable format.

The Matrix is an ever increasing bank of ideas, articles, training packages that can be explored at the CRCA Resources Website

A few booklets and posters have been mailed to each church, if you would like your own personal copy then please email CRCA Resources to request one free of charge.

Note: Jonathan and Ray send out regular updates from their blog. You can sign up for their updates at (Jonathan/Youth) (Ray/Children)

Jonathan Vandenberg (CRCA Youth Worker)

Ray Rus (CRCA Childrens Worker)