Looking at planting a church? We can help…


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One Response to Looking at planting a church? We can help…

  1. Peter Appeldorn says:

    Does God move peoples hearts, minds and souls, (yes, of course, even through his created things). Do we do things by force or by love?

    As the bible instructs, send into the field to work and collect the harvest, capable men, Godly men of the spirit. They have to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. We need to identify these men at the right opportunity, enquire of the lord, then ask of these men.

    A heart which is lukewarm, distant, guilt tripped or forced is easily recognisable, and that spirit will be amongst those they are trying to witness to, which results in failure
    Spirit and intent is what God sees in us. Send those genuinely willing and able. If we ask others after considerable testing to do this work, their response should be an enthusiastic yes. The best outcome is if they volunteer because their heart was moved by scripture (this can be tested). This will enable the right spirit to be projected to the lost so they will see and hear the truth, enabling them to seek God and his kingdom and be saved by Jesus’ righteousness.

    The work of witnesses is never finished because human life is so short. The work done in one generation or several does not guarantee the inheritance for future children. We pass on and are born each in our own generation. If at one point the word ceases or the witness rests, the majority of a generation will forget the truth of righteousness (Jesus).

    If we commit against God adultery, as his church bride, by neglecting witnessing and correcting our sons, we will forget God and ignore his workers in the field. At base level, parents who have their children baptised are responsible to bring their children up and administer Gods truth as best they can. Secondly the church is responsible that those children continue bible theological instruction. Thirdly our lives are to be witnesses to those in our community through our words and actions.

    What is time? our concept of time is manufactured. God works as he wills and sets the time of all things. Doing things by force, as we are compelled by a sense of time, only ends in anguish or results in an outcome we did not expect. Take Abraham and Sarah in their old age (forcing a child through Hagar). Abraham experienced anguish as his son was cast out by Sarah, and the unexpected result was, the continuing fight between Israel and Ishmael today. We have to patiently trust in Gods timing, which will be evident. When it comes to church planting and finding the right people to build a foundation, it is wise never to force anything.

    Gods wisdom and understanding will prevail. Praying and asking for them will result in us being given them at the appropriate time, as sons and heirs, be it in this physical life or in the coming spiritual one.

    Written with a humble heart, please correct my errors.

    A sheep of the flock, a witness, a sojourner,

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