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Internet Security

Hi everyone,

I read an excellent article in the Sydney Morning Herald today about personal internet security (see link below).

We all have passwords for various things on the internet (email, websites, Facebook, etc.), that much we know.

What we might not realise that many people use the same password for just about everything. That way, it’s easy to remember.

It’s also makes it a lot easier for someone to hack into your accounts. If this happens, it may well be more than embarrassing: you could lose a lot of money, your identity could be stolen, your loved ones could be put at risk.

So, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this excellent article. I also encourage you to take necessary steps to make your internet experience more secure and safe.

You can read the SMH article here.

If you have some suggestions on the best way to keep your internet safe and secure, please leave a comment for others to read.

Feel free to share this post widely.

Grace and peace

Dave Groenenboom

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4 Responses to Security Alert

  1. Use a password manager! Then you can have lots of different passwords and you don’t have to remember them all. The best I have come across is It’s called that because it is the last password you’ll have to remember. You put all your other passwords in there. It’s secure and can be accessed from anywhere. Just be sure the password for Lastpass is a good one. don’t write it down, memorise it.

    It’s free unless you want access on your mobile as well, when it costs you the princely sum of $12 per year. Apps available for all major phone platforms – Windows phone, Android and Apple.

    Just in case anyone is wondering I have no connection with this mob except as a happy customer.

  2. Colin Warren says:

    You should never leave passwords lying around or kept in post-it notes as the victim’s wife in the article had done. Also don’t click on phising emails… You also need to make your passwords difficult to crack – a name and birth date is not good enough…

    I agree with Willem regarding a password manager, I use ’1Password’ across all my devices and purchased a multiple pack for the family. I’ve got nearly 500 logins (lots for work) and have found it excellent. It’ll save all sorts of sensitive information and even help you generate passwords. As Willem says you only need to remember one master password 🙂

    Take care out there…

  3. davidgroenenboom says:

    Reblogged this on Dave's Journal and commented:

    Shared this post on CRCA Catalyst yesterday. Helpful information about reducing your exposure to hackers, phishing, and identity theft.

    Leave a comment to share your suggestions on internet safety

  4. davidgroenenboom says:

    Thanks Colin and Willem.

    Using a password manager is a great idea. I never used to do that, using just a few common passwords. But then I realised I needed something more. I now use mSecure ( – works perfectly.

    Some of the things I like about it are

    * it works across all devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone
    * it generates great passwords according to user defined criteria
    * you only have to remember one primary password

    I only have about 150 entries, but it’s saved me a few headaches and a few embarrassing moments (like forgetting the security code at work)… ’nuff said.

    I agree that you should never keep password in written files, or pieces of paper. Others can always find them, and you can lose them. A digital password manager is a great solution.

    Thanks for contributing!

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