October CATALYST out now!


CATALYST October is out!

The next edition of CRCA Catalyst has been released and is ready for download here.

This new edition includes

  • news about a CRCA Church Planting ministry in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • how Crossroad Bible Institute is partnering with SWIM to bring transformation in the Solomon Islands
  • how social media can be used for ministry and mission
  • US Church Planting researcher, Ed Stetzer, shares his observations about Australia
  • an interview that outlines some of the ways the TRAIN workgroup manage accountability with Jack de Vries, the CRCA’s Ministry Development Coach

We encourage you to view and download the latest Catalyst, and share the link as widely as possible.

If you want to leave feedback, feel free to make a comment on the blog. Various articles will be released as separate posts over the next weeks.

Happy Reading!


CRCA Catalyst October 2012  P1

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Follower of Jesus, husband of one, father of three, grandfather of one, Pastor at Gateway Community Church

2 Responses to October CATALYST out now!

  1. Thanks Dave for putting together an informative and encouraging read in this issue of Catalyst. The spread of topics is well-balanced with local and overseas testimonies of God’s grace at work through our denomination in several important programs.

    I appreciated and affirm Murray’s assessment of Jack deVries’ valuable role in the denomination. It’s not a easy job, but Jack does it with love, grace, energy and a focus on God’s glory.

    I also want to commend Kevin and Machi Rietvelt for their long years of faithful service to the Lord in Solomon Islands Mission, which for them is quickly coming to a close (at the end of the year). Their work, by God’s grace has touched many Solomon Islanders, of which John’s story is one great example. It has also helped us all to maintain a mission focus over the years.

    Likewise, Bert Kuiper’s passion and energy in World Development and Relief and Church Planting in India is again a testimony to God’s grace working through our denomination. The radical nature of church planting in that country (risks, sacrifice, limited resources, stepping out in faith) can teach us many lessons about how the Kingdom of God comes.

    I am amazed sometimes at how God has used our small and weak denomination to do his wonderful Kingdom building work. But that is often how he works (1 Corinthians 1:26ff)

    Thanks also for including articles on social media and the analysis of trends in Australia regarding attitudes to church and faith. We need to keep thinking about these things if we are to reach people for Christ in our culture, relying only on God’s Word to do the work.

    With love in Christ.

    Brian Vaatstra

  2. davidgroenenboom says:


    Thanks so much for your warm and affirmative words. I really appreciate the way you’ve affirmed different works referred to in Catalyst. God is so good, and it’s a thrill to see him at work in ministries and churches, despite our imperfections. Thanks again for your encouragement!


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