CRCA Special Appeal Collection

On August 19 the CRCA is asking churches to hold a special appeal collection. The goal is to move us out of a tough financial position. We’re hoping to raise $145,000 – is this realistic?

When Synod met just a few months ago, the delegates resoundingly supported the move for this special appeal.

They did this because they believed the CRCA is – by God’s grace – engaged in good work and great ministry.

If we all pull together, with a deep sense of gratitude to God, we can lessen our dependence on borrowings, and build resources for future work.

True, $145,000 is a huge sum, but if we keep in mind that the CRCA has about 6200 communicant members, the figure that first looked huge seems a lot more attainable.
Did you know it would take just $24.00 from every communicant member to raise this sum on one Sunday?


On one Sunday.

That is all.

With God’s help, friends, we can do this!

Think of what $24 might represent:

  • A couple of Big Mac Meals
  • A kilo of coffee beans
  • 6 lattes
  • A new release DVD purchase

Of course for some, $24.00 is not that easy to part with. For others, though, it’s hardly a wrinkle in the wallet.

Many of us left Synod with a renewed belief that our gracious God has plans for the CRCA.

We have seen how he is blessing churches, growing Christians, building disciples, and extending his Kingdom!

He is doing this through local churches, through CRCA workgroups, Classes, and CRCA workers.

So, let’s all do our bit on Aug 19. Let’s pitch in with $24 each, and make our gift a prayer that Christ will be increasingly honoured through the CRCA’s ministry and mission.

Pastors: It would be great if you could use some of this post to warmly encourage your church into generous giving!

– Dave Groenenboom

About davidgroenenboom
Follower of Jesus, husband of one, father of three, grandfather of one, Pastor at Gateway Community Church

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