Feedback received… grateful!

Hey friends,

The response has been terrific so far – and that’s just after one day! Here are a few snippets. In the future – it would be great if you could leave feedback where others can see it too! Here are the two best places:

  • Comment on this blog
  • Leave a comment or a “like” on the Facebook page

John Kruize:

Dave, when you put your hand up at synod to put some information out with some regularity, I must admit to thinking that a 1 page email was going to be the form of communication. I certainly did not think you had this in mind. What a great thing you have started this will help to keep the denomination connected and informed.

Thanks so much for putting this together it is without doubt much needed.

Look forward to more issues of the catalyst in future.

Love your work

Tony Deenick:

I am very pleased to see a regular CRCA publication again. A very convenient and inexpensive option for those, like me, who are comfortable with electronic media.

However, I am a bit concerned for those who do not make much or any use of electronic media. Many of those were amongst the most avid readers of Trowel and Sword previously. Hopefully, churches will produce hard copy for these people to read but how will they respond? Or for people like me who tend to avoid social media like blogs, facebook and twitter (although pinterest looks interesting) and prefer more private means of communicating. Perhaps a Catalyst email and mail address would be helpful, too. ( I am assuming that you don’t necessarily want people to communicate with you through your personal email/mail address?)

Jack de Vries:

Great job, well done! Love what you have done with the catalyst, — and I hope that this will be exactly that – a catalyst for advancing the gospel work we are doing. Good articles as well.

Ben Vanmidde

Well my name is Ben and I’m a young (18 years old) youth leader at Sutherland Reformed Church.

I got forwarded this catalyst by the minister and found it really encouraging and helpful to read. It is always good to read more about the denomination you are a part of and learn more about how they work. Also good to hear stories about church success but even more encouraging the story of how the church planter failed but had the humility to share that and point out his faults to help us learn from his mistakes.

The layout was easy to read and pictures are always good!! So yeah, I just thought it would be good to let you know what I thought and encourage you in this!

Reinier Noppers

Excellent material! Huge thanks, Dave

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Follower of Jesus, husband of one, father of three, grandfather of one, Pastor at Gateway Community Church

2 Responses to Feedback received… grateful!

  1. Jacqueline Nieuwkerk says:

    I’ve been missing flicking through the Trowel and Sword magazine for a good read but the new Catalyst format is great….and that is coming from someone like me who is totally technologically incompetent!!! I was actually able to access this without the help of my 12 year old!! Looking forward to the next publication and thank you for all your effort in putting this together.
    Jacqueline Nieuwkerk

  2. davidgroenenboom says:

    Thanks Jacqueline – great to have your encouragement, and so good to see how well Catalyst has been received around the country!

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